Monday, 17 June 2013

XBMC Media Centre

One of the first things I installed when I installed Linux was XBMC as it is an awesome media centre for both local content (video's, pictures, music etc.  and also web based media playback) and works great for our pc under the TV so the whole family can watch things together.

Unfortunately, XBMC isn't in the software manager, so I had to find how to install it from the terminal (I used to struggle with installing from terminal in the old days as it always wanted you to compile from source etc, and 95% of the time I had dependencies missing etc and no clues where to find them!)

As it turned out, it was MUCH easier than I expected and only takes a couple of lines in the terminal.

First, we need to add the repository which is done with:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

Once that has completed, we update the package list with:
sudo apt-get update

And to finally install the software, we simply enter:
sudo apt-get install xbmc

Once completed, the XBMC icon will be automatically added to your Sound & Video menu.
No compiling, no hassles!
In a later post, I will write a guide on how to add additional 'add-ons' for streaming video's on-line.

Hopefully anyone trying this won't have any problems as I have installed XBMC on two different machines and both installed without a single hiccup.

To remove XBMC (possibly if you want to upgrade) then simply enter:
sudo apt-get remove xbmc