Sunday, 23 June 2013

AccuWeather Desklet location settings.

Update 04/02/14.

A fellow G+ user wrote that the desklet now says that the subscription has expired and mine has done the same.
A couple of guys (will add their names when I do eventually get back on my laptop) have both told me that if you remove and uninstall the weather app and redownload it, it fixes the blank window/expiry problem. I have yet to test it myself as not been able to get sat down with my laptop but both independent answers both gave pretty much the same solution.



I thought I would spruce up my desktop a bit and have a look at some of the Desklets that are available for Cinnamon and saw the AccuWeather desklet and installed it.
The problem I came across was that when I entered my location, it said that it didn't exist! The default location is in Romania and the layout was a bit odd looking:


So by looking at the default setting I could work out the EUR = Europe, RO = Romania and the TARGOVISTE was the town/city, but wasn't sure what the RO037 was so I nipped onto the AccuWeather website and entered my town and country like I have done on my Android phone and XBMC (ie. Cleethorpes, UK) and it located it and displayed the current weather (depressing as per usual lol!)
I then noticed in the URL address, it had the postcode for the area so entered the following into the Desklet settings for location, and viola! the town I live in now exists! :D


(Here is the original URL for the AccuWeather website so you can see the layout)

Note the gb for Great Britain, and the dn35-8 for the postcode range for our area.

So hopefully this little post will help anyone else like myself who was wondering how to layout the location structure.


Thanks to Daniel for pointing out that using the web browsers url info as above doesn't work for all places strangely, but a little bit of investigation brought this to light:

Enter this into your browser and add your location at the end, then in the XML list that gets displayed use the codes at the end of the line within the ""s where it says LOCATION and that SHOULD work for everyone.

URL to copy:


I don't know if it's just me but has anyone else noticed that when you have the weather desklet running your machine locks up randomly? It has done it a few times for me so for now ive removed the desklet. :(